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Size: 5'10 x 20 1/4 x 2 5/8 - 33.90L

Introducing the Peppa Twin, the remarkable outcome of 18 months of dedicated research and development through Chilli's 'Project Black' program. Chilli has meticulously tested and fine-tuned various rockers, outlines, and bottom contours in collaboration with their experienced staff and team, resulting in a cutting-edge, user-friendly performance twin fin. This board is designed to enhance your wave count, generate impressive speed, and provide an effortless riding experience. It's a twinny that effortlessly covers a range from 2ft to 6ft surf, catering to both frontside and backside riding for intermediate and advanced surfers. The Peppa Twin takes on most of the work, allowing you to surf with greater intelligence, not exertion!


The rocker profile of the Peppa Twin strikes a perfect balance. It features a moderate entry that seamlessly transitions into a balanced curve in the middle, concluding with a relatively flat exit. This design allows you to confidently fly down the line by applying pressure on the front foot, while effortlessly releasing through turns when shifting the pressure to the back foot. The board's generous sweet spot ensures a satisfying and forgiving ride.


The bottom contours of the Peppa Twin are thoughtfully crafted. The majority of the board's bottom, around two-thirds, is relatively flat. However, the final one-third features a vee bottom, extending through the fins, facilitating smooth rail-to-rail transitions. These bottom contours are fast and forgiving, enhancing overall performance.


The outline of the Peppa Twin is meticulously designed to optimize stability, forgiveness, and paddle power for increased wave count. The top two-thirds of the outline are carefully crafted to be just wide enough in all the right spots. Moving towards the tail, which is often considered the "business end" of the board, it tapers down into a medium-width swallow tail that provides exceptional hold when pushed hard. This well-balanced board caters to both performance surfing and those moments when you simply want to relax and let the board do the work for you.


A standout feature of the Peppa Twin is its flat deck, noticeable from the moment you pick it up. The deck holds ample foam all the way out to the rail and then elegantly steps down into a thoughtfully designed performance rail. This unique attribute allows for increased foam volume packed into a shorter board, ensuring a high wave count and a delightful surfing experience.