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Size: 5'11 x 19 7/8 x 2 1/2 x 32.00L

Introducing the BV2 Twin Tech, a remarkable EPS/EPOXY construction by Chilli Surfboards. The Twin Tech model embodies qualities of lightness, strength, and speed. Developed from the renowned Black Vulture, the BV2 takes its place in the summer board category, offering enhanced speed and superior performance compared to its predecessor. Meticulously designed with smaller, weaker waves in mind, we've artfully blended features from the original Black Vulture to create a speed-generating board with an ample sweet spot. Let's dive into its exceptional features:

OUTLINE: The BV2's outline is strategically crafted to maximize paddle power and speed in both flat and fat surf conditions. The middle section displays an enticing curvature, providing a delightful rail line for fluid turns. Notably, the wide point is subtly positioned forward compared to a regular board, offering a harmonious balance. Moving towards the tail, we've eliminated the semi-flyer found in the original Black Vulture, resulting in a straighter rail line that grants the BV2 excellent hold and control throughout turns.

ROCKER: With a flat-medium entry and a flat-medium tail exit, the BV2's rocker profile is carefully calibrated. Notably, the tail exhibits slightly less rocker than the original Black Vulture, contributing to the board's impressive speed-generating capabilities.

CONTOURS: The bottom contour of the BV2 is crafted to perfection. It features a single concave from the nose down to the bottom one-third of the board, seamlessly transitioning into a subtle double concave that extends through the tail, just behind the fins. This thoughtfully balanced and forgiving bottom contour enhances overall performance.

PERFORMANCE: The BV2 takes the outstanding attributes of the Black Vulture and elevates them to new heights. Combining impressive performance with a friendly and forgiving outline, the BV2 is noticeably faster, providing an exhilarating ride. To accommodate the increased speed, we've removed the semi-flyer, granting the tail the necessary hold and drive. In testing with our team, the BV2 proved to be highly popular when surfed with a Twin + stabilizer setup. The tail's straighter outline, merging into a swallow shape, perfectly complements the 2 + 1 fin template, delivering unparalleled control and release when needed. Alternatively, a regular thruster fin setup offers exceptional hold through turns, enabling vertical maneuvers in the pocket.

TWIN TECH: The BV2 Twin Tech features a cutting-edge construction designed to simulate the performance of a traditional stringer surfboard while offering the invigorating feel of a new board with every surf session. The Twin Tech construction harnesses its strength from strategically placed 'Twin Carbon' fibers running along the center of the deck and bottom, creating a robust flex pattern that accentuates speed and provides a lively feel, all while maintaining an underlying sense of predictability. Thoroughly tested and refined by Chilli's team of surfers across various ages and sizes, this construction embodies a lightweight, well-balanced, and perfect ride. Twin Tech encompasses a stringer-less 36-gram EPS core and Chilli's proprietary 'Twin Carbon' fiber tape. The bottom layer features a single 4oz fiberglass, showcasing Chilli's signature line by Colan Australia, along with Twin Carbon tape and individual FCS II plug patches. On the deck, you'll find a layer of 4oz fiberglass, a layer of 220-gram biaxial cloth, Twin Carbon tape, and a V-Tail patch, ensuring optimal performance and durability.