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Size: 5’9 x 18 5/8 x 2 5/16 - 26L

Mitch Coleborn, a surfer's surfer, has earned immense credibility within the core surfing community through his groundbreaking appearances in surf films like Modern Collective, Cluster, BS!, and Stranger Than Fiction. His powerful and aggressive yet poised style embodies the essence of surfing, setting it apart from other board sports. Mitch's extensive knowledge and understanding of board design have further solidified his reputation as a force in the industry.

Since Mitch joined the Misfit family, they have been refining his "everyday shortboard," and after nearly 18 months of development, we proudly present his first M/SF/T signature model - FUNGZETTI. This board epitomizes the high-end luxury and performance of a European supercar, translated into surfboard form. The plan-shape inspiration comes from our highly regarded team favorite, the BULL DOVE, known for its versatility and performance. However, FUNGZETTI incorporates design refinements that Mitch has honed throughout his career.

One significant difference is the distribution and concealment of foam. Mitch desired a board that maintains volume without compromising rail performance. To achieve this, we blended modern surfer-friendly volume with sensitive and highly responsive rails, resulting in a more domed deck compared to our other shortboards. The thickness along the stringer provides retained paddle power and a forgiving ride, while the medium to low rails offer sensitivity and reactive rail feel.

Another notable update from the BULL DOVE, which has become synonymous with Mitch's style, is the slightly wider outline of the shortboard. We emphasize that this increase in width is subtle, as this board is built for high-performance surfing. Let's refer to this width as "curve," which maintains continuity from nose to tail, with a touch more width up front for enhanced paddle power and forward momentum. The outline then seamlessly transitions into our proven team-favorite round square tail, along with a seasonal addition of a swallow tail option.

In fact, this is the first time Misfit Shapes is releasing one model with two tail shapes right from the start. To clarify, the round square tail is your everyday choice, while the swallow tail excels in small and mushy conditions. We have designed the swallow tail to be ridden 1 inch shorter and 1/8 inch wider to optimize its performance in these conditions.

Turning our attention to the bottom contour, it's no surprise that this beauty features a single concave from nose to tail, perfect for speed generation. The concave is accentuated between the feet, effectively flattening the rocker for controlled drive. The fin placements are adjusted to provide drive, lift, incredible release, and projection out of the tail.

Lastly, the rocker is medium with a continuous curve, and the apex is positioned near the fin area for quick acceleration, allowing for rapid speed generation and improved maneuverability over fatter sections.

This board has been designed by one of the best free surfers of our generation, but it is equally suited for everyday surfers. It strikes a perfect balance, with key design elements optimized for maximum performance and forgiveness.