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Size: 5'8 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4 - 25.23L

Introducing the Maytrix, one of our most sought-after and proven Pro-formance models designed to elevate your performance in the water.

The development of the Maytrix began when Jordy, during his time at home, started experimenting in the shaping bay. Through numerous surfs and continuous adjustments to measurements and design details, he sought to create a board that offered exceptional speed and responsiveness for his performance surfing during the European leg of the tour.

Throughout this process, Jordy provided invaluable feedback, allowing us to fine-tune and refine the model to meet his specific requirements. He needed a board that could maintain its speed and responsiveness even in smaller conditions, serving as a versatile addition to his quiver.

Furthermore, Matt McGillivray from J-Bay qualified for the WCT by showcasing his skills on the Maytrix. Working closely with Matt, we incorporated his feedback, particularly in achieving a better volume balance for surfers of average weight while meeting the demands of professional surfing performance. This collaboration further contributed to the board's versatility and functionality, ensuring it caters to the needs of everyday surfers.

The combined input from both Jordy and Matt played a crucial role in the development of the Maytrix. As a result, we consistently updated the design and made subtle adjustments, allowing us to create a board that is highly adaptable and performs exceptionally across various conditions. Experience the Maytrix and take your surfing to new heights.



Moderate entry rocker designed for quicker glide in day to day surf.

The outline of the Maytrix has a slightly wider nose to help with easier paddling into waves. The wider nose gives more area to land on when doing airs and the wider tail breaks into a hip in front of the fins to bring the tail in for control. 

In smaller gutless waves we need a deeper concave and flatter rockers with less tail-lift to generate speed quicker.  As waves get bigger we add more rocker throughout. This will create better vertical control and allow for smooth carves or power arcs and hacks.