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Size: 5'9 x 19 7/8 x 2 7/16 - 31L

Introducing the Twin Trailer, a modern surfboard that has proven its timeless appeal! The journey began back in 1980 when Graham shaped MR twins at Shaun Tomson's factory, witnessing their emergence onto the surf scene.

When Jordy expressed his desire for a fun and high-performance twin that would excel in smaller waves, they embarked on a design exploration. Drawing inspiration from the modern fish outlines, SMTH crafted a flatter and longer curve throughout the bottom. By lowering the entry rocker and incorporating a tested single to double concave bottom, complemented by a slight Vee behind the back fins, SMTH achieved the perfect blend. While the outline resembles their "old school" twins, Graham made subtle adjustments to enhance its overall performance.

With a wider nose, opted to maintain a moderate rocker, keeping the tail rocker flatter to maximize speed and minimize drag in gutless, weak waves. Following Jordy's progressive rail, SMTH incorporated a soft tuck-under in the nose area and introduced a distinctive "beak nose" design to add volume under the chest. Unlike most Twins, they intentionally avoided pinching the rails in the tail, aiming for enhanced skate-like maneuverability and glide through turns, allowing you to maintain speed even in lackluster conditions.

The goal is to provide you with an unparalleled experience of speed, flow, and maneuverability, all while prioritizing control in every aspect of the Twin Trailer's design.