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Size: 6'6 x 21 1/4 x 2 5/8 x 39.50L

Introducing the Mid Strength, a surfboard designed by James (Chilli) during the summer of 2018/19. This creation was born out of his desire for a board that would paddle effortlessly, catch waves easily, and provide a smooth surfing experience, especially during a period when a knee injury limited his ability to perform at his best on a standard shortboard. This performance mid-length board is a must-consider option for any surfer who can confidently stand and navigate along a wave.

OUTLINE: The outline of the Mid Strength features a fuller nose, strategically designed to enhance paddling efficiency. This flows into an accentuated curve between your feet, extending into the back third of the board where the real action takes place. The soft round tail intentionally creates a forgiving and fluid turning arc, even for a longer board.

ROCKER: Effortless turning and rail-holding are essential when riding a bigger board. With this in mind, Chilli incorporated a lower entry rocker combined with a medium exit rocker out the tail. The aim was to create a board that excels in paddling, effortlessly catches waves, and remains responsive during turns.

CONTOURS: The Mid Strength features a slight single concave up the front that blends into a deep single/double concave through the side fins, providing a perfect balance of speed and looseness under the rear foot. This effortless combination in a mid-length model can be likened to enjoying a mid-strength beer – all the fun with half the effort!

PERFORMANCE: Whether you're getting older, less fit, or simply have less time to spend in the water, there are times when you need the board to work for you. The Mid Strength excels in easy paddling and wave-catching at the top end. Once you're up and riding, it effortlessly trims, pivots, and turns, offering a sense of responsiveness while providing a little release when needed. The curvy outline and rocker combination prevent the board from feeling long and straight like most mid-lengths, resulting in a surfing experience that resembles a much shorter board. Give it a try, and we guarantee you'll be converted.

Fin Recommendations: For optimal performance on this board, we suggest the Thruster setup with FCS II Accelerator fins. Alternatively, the Quad setup with FCS II Accelerator side fins and Performer Quad rear fins also works exceptionally well. These versatile fin templates, with a touch of extra area, are perfectly suited for the bigger crew riding this board.